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Wahoo, it’s Wednesday and we’re doing something different today 🙂 Don’t be shy, all we’re going to do is share our favorite song 🙂 We’re talking the one that makes you not only sing it but dance to it too! You know the song, yes that one 🙂 Everyone of us has a song that makes you want to sing it loud and dance! (smile)


So be you and share your song 🙂

My favorite to sing and dance is Sing a Song by Earth, Wind and Fire. Come on 🙂 post your favorite song below 🙂
We’ll build a play list 🙂


  cocohabibi wrote @

You Are My Daily Bread and Lord of the Harvest by Fred Hammond. Hearing those helps me to forget whatever is bothering me and get my praise ON!!!!


  shellakers wrote @

I’m trying to think… I have too many to mention just one 🙂 But I’ll put my play list on and dance and sing just the same 😉


  afriendforever54 wrote @



  gloria5454 wrote @

My song is “Can’t touch this”! LOL. I am smiling already and love the baby giving it all he has! :). God wants us to be happy and singing is a way we praise him. My Christian (so many of them) song is “I can only imagine”. It really lifts me!


  afriendforever54 wrote @

Alright 🙂 2 songs on our playlist! Wahoo 🙂 bless you Gloria 🙂


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