Wahoo, it’s Wednesday and we’re doing something different today 🙂 Don’t be shy, all we’re going to do is share our favorite song 🙂 We’re talking the one that makes you not only sing it but dance to it too! You know the song, yes that one 🙂 Everyone of us has a song that makes you want to sing it loud and dance! (smile)


So be you and share your song 🙂

My favorite to sing and dance is Sing a Song by Earth, Wind and Fire. Come on 🙂 post your favorite song below 🙂
We’ll build a play list 🙂

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

5 thoughts on “Share

  1. You Are My Daily Bread and Lord of the Harvest by Fred Hammond. Hearing those helps me to forget whatever is bothering me and get my praise ON!!!!

  2. My song is “Can’t touch this”! LOL. I am smiling already and love the baby giving it all he has! :). God wants us to be happy and singing is a way we praise him. My Christian (so many of them) song is “I can only imagine”. It really lifts me!

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