Be A Friend

Let us be a friend to someone in need today.


There is lots going on in our lives. Today, let us set aside our stuff for that someone who has lost a love one; someone with nothing to eat; someone with no place to stay; someone who does not know that God loves them in spite of what their mind is telling them. Today, someone needs us to just be a friend. We can move forward in our stuff tomorrow…if The Lord says the same.

God bless us to being a friend to someone in need today. {{{hugs}}}

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

4 thoughts on “Be A Friend

  1. So very true. We could all use a reminder to use empathy once in awhile and humble ourselves for what God has blessed us w/ rather than what He has not.

  2. Amen…thanks for the reminder. It is easy to get caught up in “self and our own pity party”..but God asks us put others first..and when I do, I find peace and joy! Lord, help me to die to flesh and to be more like You.

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