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We All Need Encouragement

We all need encouragement. Times are tough. Young or old, we need to encourage one another. There are times that an encouraging word, a thoughtful gesture, or even a smile can encourage someone to keep moving forward or change the thoughts going through the mind. There are times, in the Christian walk that encouragement keeps us moving forward and standing in faith.


Some are experiencing, life changing things, for the first time in live–job loss, family estrangement, end of a relationship, health issues, death of a love one, mid life crisis, and any other something that an encouraging word brings comfort, peace, the ability to move forward.

God knows we all struggle with something. We are still growing and maturing in this process of life. Somedays, we get discouraged or frustrated. In those times, we can thank God when he leads someone to us or us to someone that will speak the encouraging words needed, as well as, searching through the Book of Psalms for inspiration. Psalm 147:3 – He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

God’s timing is always right on time. (smile) So let us encourage one another as we keep moving forward. (smile) So be blessed and thank God, we made it to Friday!

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