How God Answers Prayers

Heartfelt prayers to God are powerful. Believing God will answer our prayers is powerful. When we pray for parents; spouse; children; friends; enemies; co-workers; neighbors; or anyone, from an open heart, (no grudges against anyone), God will always answer in his time giving what is needed. So let us pray for each other to release anything negative from our hearts!


Prayer changes us! Oh, the possibilities of praying over each of our relationships and specific challenges around us. God is the only one, who can change us and the people and/or things we are praying about! This brings to mind how the fruit of long suffering comes into play, as well as patience! Remember free will to choose, sometimes the person we are praying about, to include us are not ready and God waits until the trip around the same mountain gets so old and tiresome that there is complete surrender to Him. God bless us as we keep moving forward. 😜

Author: Ann V. Friend

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