Ugh, A Bad and Challenging Day

How was your day? Ever have one of those days that this and that goes south! Stuff just keeps on coming, no matter what you do! šŸ˜° Something must have been in the air today or God pruned me to add more fruit!


Thank God for surviving this day! I thought I share in case someone else had a challenging day, where the stuff just kept on coming!

Let us always be kind to ourselves when we have a bad day! Refuse to entertain the “if I woulda this, I coulda that”šŸ˜œ and just thank God for his mercy and grace!!

Your thoughts on challenging days šŸ˜œ

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

2 thoughts on “Ugh, A Bad and Challenging Day

  1. Amen! Everybody has challenging days. My sister recently told me she loves being around me because I am always happy with no problems. Well she’s right I am always happy because I am honored to be a son of God and I walk with Jesus. But with no problems? No one is without problems, it’s the way we chose to respond to them, the attitude we choose to have while going through those challenges that shows others we have the master problem solver walking with us – Jesus! Remember, He is always with us even on those most challenging days!

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