Roll With It Wednesday (Check)

Smile, it’s roll with it Wednesday, and by faith, we look marvelous (yup, you)! (smile) Our intent, on roll with it Wednesday, is to just breathe and enjoy whatever blessings God bestows upon us, in spite of stuff going on in our life!

Spoiler alert, God already knows the outcome for each of us today. Breathe, smile and roll with it! (smile)


Stuff is happening, some good and some bad, breathe, smile and roll with it! (smile)

Roll with it is a choice! There are things beyond our control, breathe, smile and roll with it! God is always in charge! (a wink and a smile)

Growing is part of the process of life, as well as, the working out of our salvation. This leads to changes that will happen to us, through us, by us, in us, breathe, smile and roll with it! (smile) God is for us!

Roll with it, is encouragement, to become content until Gods perfect timing prevails–whatever we’re praying and standing on faith for–healing, promotion, job, money, spouse, or fill in the ________________. (smile) Roll with it, God loves us!

Roll with it helps me smile and stay focused on the good stuff. (smile) Try it, and let me know how it works for you. Don’t forget! (smile)

Heavenly Father, bless us today, as we roll with it, knowing you’re in full control of the stuff we’re going through and its temporary. (smile)

Ain’t life grand! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

9 thoughts on “Roll With It Wednesday (Check)

  1. Reblogged this on The Rough Christian and commented:
    This is a great idea! A lot of people only think negative thoughts so as this blogger tells us just roll with it. It could actually make ya feel better if your day isn’t going as planned. God is always in control!

  2. Whenever I am out I always make it a point to smile at anyone I make eye contact with. You never know your smile may be the only one some people have seen in days, weeks, or months. Sometime a simple smile can make a huge difference in that person’s day. So smile it is free and could even get a smile back!

      1. It was my pleasure. It is odd that I became a more positive person than when I was young even though I am now disabled and live with chronic body wide pain, it has deepened my faith though and God let’s me see daily He is there and so I drive the negative out of me like Jesus did the merchants and money changers in the temple. Blessings!

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