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Smile, We Have Friends

Let us smile and thank God, we have friends, in our life. 😀



Smile and thank God for friends who are always there in times of need. 😉

Proverbs 17:17, tells us “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity”. Smile and remember those times, a friend or friends stepped up, and had our back. 😃

Ain’t life grand! 😜

God bless us today, as we thank you, for old and new friends in our lives. We thank you, Heavenly Father, for always providing what we need and it’s always right on time! 😜


  The smile on my… | blessedorphansuganda2010 wrote @

[…] Smile, We Have Friends ( […]


  francesgabriel75 wrote @

I do. Continually. Bless you x


  leighla93 wrote @

Friend, you will always have a friend in me. I don’t know what time you have, but good morning! 🙂


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

Glory to God! Thank you! I am 3 hours ahead of your time 😉 God bless you!!


  wordforlifesays wrote @

Yes, yes it is!!! 🙂 Amen!


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @



  Winterville First Baptist Church Media Center wrote @

I thank God for my good friends. We can share anything with each other, cry and do a lot of laughing. We always brighten each other’s mood.


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

I agree Debbie 😊 Thanks and God bless you, my friend 😉


  Godsmanforever wrote @

Amen !! God is always there with help from friends, if we would just swallow our pride, and open our eyes and heart !! Blessings in Christ, bruce


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks for sharing and God bless you, my friend 😉


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

God always knows what we need. 😉 We forget that when we are weak and in need, He always provides via friends or someone, who has what we need. 😉 Yep, pride can block our blessings 😰. Let’s kick old man pride to the curb! 😜 Thanks for sharing, my friend and God bless you! 😉


So true. I’m trying to learn how to set my pride apart and allow my friends to help me but old man pride keeps getting in the way. I know they wouldn’t offer their help if they didn’t truly mean the offer. It’s so hard to just say yes.


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