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Smile That Button Doesn’t Work Anymore (Part 2)

Ugh, I have another button! (shock face) How about you? Can I get a witness? (smile) Sometimes, we must have a sense of humor to laugh out loud or if we must sing a song! (wink and smile)

We talk a lot about the fruit of the spirit–love (giving), joy (gladness), peace (free from worry and fear), long suffering (patience), gentleness (kindness), goodness (generosity), faith (dependability), meekness (gentleness) and temperance (self-control), because fruit is needed for growth and maturity, as well as, healing the brokenness we may not know exist within us.

I remember back in the day, when I was having issues. I had the nerve to think it was everybody else until someone told me , “honey, you have a lot of brokenness in you”. (shock face) God is the ONLY one who will put the right folks in our lives to heal stuff that is not fruit!

As we grow and mature, being rooted and grounded in the Word, having the fruit of the spirit within us, and led by the Holy Spirit, we become whole and emotionally healthy individuals in Christ. No brokenness or mask wearing can exist in a spirit led life. (wink and grin) They will know us by our fruit. (smile)

Communication is important, thus my button. smile) We all communicate differently. We are all on different levels. God is working on each of us for different things. Thank God for his mercy and his grace during those times, that button is pushed!

Relationships without clear communication or being unequally yoked can push buttons. Any one carrying burdens God never meant for them to carry can push buttons.
_________________(fill in the blank) can push buttons.

Let’s talk about faith. Having faith in God is a beautiful thing to behold! There is no doubt, worry or stress when our faith is in him! (smile)

To live a life of faith requires perseverance (long sufferings brother) (grin) knowing God will equip us as he leads us to walk, crawl or run through the challenge. Pray and cast, by faith and keep our hands off while releasing it to God so that button doesn’t work anymore! (smile)

God bless us as we have faith with regards to our button that doesn’t work anymore!

Please share any comments about your button. (smile)


  shadeakinbiyi wrote @

For me, waiting is not my thing. However, I’m learning more and more that my waiting has helped me to grow spiritually and also to trust God that, even if i don’t get what i want, God has something much better than what i was aiming for. Having said that, i know that I’m not there yet, but I’m pressing in and i just need His grace more & more in this area. Now, you know what my prayer request is. 🙂


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

Glory to God! Yes, Ma’am, we all have something 😊 It helps when we share and help one another so we don’t think we are the only one struggling ☺ Thanks so much for sharing and God bless you! 😉


  carolynrice wrote @

God Bless you!


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks Carolyn and God bless you! 😀


  darylgstewart wrote @



  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

😊 Thanks for ☺. God bless you!


  KraftedKhaos wrote @

I’ve got more buttons than the NASA Control Center… but every day I fight to disable them just as fast as they’re pushed… some days I succeed more than others.


  Ann “afriendforever54” Friend wrote @

That’s the spirit! We will just faith it, one moment at a time, until each button no longer works. 😉 Grace, we can thank God for his grace, when we stumble! Thanks for sharing and God bless you 😊


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