End of Day Blessing


God bless us, as we cast all cares and have a peaceful nights sleep! šŸ˜Š

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

19 thoughts on “End of Day Blessing

  1. I think it must be your emoticons, because I see a little white box with nothing in it. It is right where you would put an emoticon if you had one. Bennetta is probably getting the HTML code from it showing up on her screen, and I’m getting a blank box. It undoubtedly has to do with our different operation systems and browsers. Some of them probably aren’t picking up the whole thing.

    I actually came on here to tell you that I love this post and this blessing. But I got sidetracked with the “little symbol” problem.

      1. No, don’t give them up. They are showing up on this comment. Sometimes it’s just what’s going on with each individual’s operating system and/or browser. You never know for sure what things look like on another computer. A number of times, my stuff has come up looking different on a computer that doesn’t have the same operating system — or that hasn’t had the system updated, etc. And there have been a number of e-mails that I’ve received that have those tiny blank squares. It’s because something isn’t translating to my system the same as the person who sent it. But the little squares are very tiny. They don’t disrupt your posts or comments. Just keep using the emoticons because I’m sure most of your readers see them properly. And, as I say, they are showing up the way they are supposed to right now even on my computer.

          1. I have a feeling you can’t see the thing that shows on my computer–it’s a teeny tiny square with 6 letters and numbers, I guess. They show up throughout your posts and comments….

          2. Oh honey, I don’t care what you use–it’s completely up to you. I was just trying to figure out what those things were that I was seeing–like a code, or teeny tiny haiku, or something. Now that I know it’s just the way it shows on my old computer, that it represents the smiley face–I’m perfectly fine. So sorry for any distress. God bless you BIG.

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