Growth is A Part of Life (Part 2)

Picking up from Growth is A Part of Life (Part 1), they will know us by our fruits. Some love to tell what is wrong and blah, blah, without providing the how. 😰


Let’s face it, until we’re ready to change and take responsibility for our choices, the process of life will keep bringing stuff until we let go and move forward in our growth process. 😁

Distractions and living vicariously through others, will only get us so far. As mentioned before, when we get sick and tired of 🎶🎶going around the mountain, one more time🎶🎶 we’ll do something about it. 😜 At the beginning and the end of the day, we choose our next step. 😨

Some of us are standing on faith for something or someone. Sometimes, we’re the reason for the delay! 😰 Bottom line, God knows, we are not ready! Change and growth comes from within!

That thing or someone won’t give us what’s lacking within! God bless us as we understand our own challenges and recognize change and growth begins within us. 😉

To be continued….

As always, feel free to share your thoughts! 😜

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

11 thoughts on “Growth is A Part of Life (Part 2)

  1. The thing I’m up against currently, is accepting that we can’t force change–or JESUS–on folks. I want so bad for my friend to “catch the revelation” and know the JOY I have, gain healing–and I feel frustrated “just praying”. She’s not open to anything I share or suggest.

  2. “Change and growth come from within.” Something to chew on! No more going round in cycles, time to head for the promise land. This is not milk, this word is meat and i love it. Thank you for the courage to share this word. God bless you. 🙂

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