At The Foot Of The Cross

Today, by faith, let us put every burden at the foot of the cross. Things and stuff, x, y or z, someone, lay it all, at the foot of the cross. Release it to God! God can make a way out no way. Praise The Lord!


Sometimes, we just have to keep the faith and trust Him. Somedays, it will be hard to count it all joy, especially if we don’t understand why. It’s those times, we must dig deep and praise Him anyway! šŸ˜ Thank you Lord, for your mercy and your grace!

God bless us, by faith, as we lay our burdens at the foot of the cross and meditate on Jeremiah 32:27 – Behold, I am The Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? Let thy will be done.

Comments and thoughts are welcome. šŸ˜œ

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

18 thoughts on “At The Foot Of The Cross

  1. Oh I really like this: “God can make a way out of No Way”!!! Spectacular encouragement!! Thank you and God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

  2. Thank you. As ever, your blog speaks volumes to me. Been so burdened over the last few weeks, not been on here much when probably my need of spiritual sustenance has never been greater. Am starting to see a more godly way through now, even if the problems themselves have not been removed. But have Jesus walking towards me on the waves …. thank God.

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