Praising God



God bless us, by faith, as we praise you, while going through our things and stuff. Praise The Lord. Let thy will be done.

Author: Ann V. Friend

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8 thoughts on “Praising God

  1. Faith is a continual and lifelong journey; yet He helps us even when our faith waivers. He walks with us every step, and when we cannot take those steps, He carries us. He is there for us in all our human messiness, loving us through it, being faithful to us, and waiting until we are ready for blessing beyond our imagination. And you are so right, Ann, as our faith grows, trust becomes that much easier.

  2. I sometimes have trouble trusting Him; praise is sometimes a definite sacrifice; hope gets slippery as an ice rink sometimes; thanking Him during trials is hard sometimes; but the LOVE never fails, is Always there–from Him to me, and me to Him–Always. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

    1. Thanks for sharing Sis Caddo (smile) Have faith. Things and stuff. We all have a story. Earlier in my Christian walk, 10 years ago, I had doubts, trust issues and my heart had no love. Faith was just a word I could not comprehend nor believe. During that time in my life, everything I read in Proverbs, felt like, all it was missing was my picture (smile) I was a fool because I kept speaking the wrong things into existence. Faith? How in the world do you believe first? Oh, I had pride and anger issues too. Things and stuff. (Smile)

      My belief was skewed. I kept going around the same mountain until frustration and lots of tears brought me to my knees and I stopped and asked Him, what am I missing? He spoke to my spirit “faith”. It took awhile (painfully) to believe and change my perception to believe someone I could not see until I surrendered and did it by faith. As faith grows, trust in Him becomes easier.

      I share all this because it’s a process. We have free will to choose. I grew strength by praising Him for everything. Thank you Lord this, thank you Lord that…

      I’d say–I don’t get this, Thank you Lord. Hmm, tell you everything, by faith, Thank you Lord. In time, it got easier to do things by faith. You name it, I praised my way through as He strengthen my faith and my trust in Him grew.

      Hope this helps, my dear friend. God bless you!

      1. Well, I’m an “old” Christian, but still learning. What I wrote above is not my daily struggle–I was trying to make the point that the LOVE part never suffers anymore. Most days, the Lord and I are cooking with Steam (Holy Spirit)!! Thanks for all you offer here–God bless you.

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