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Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: “Birthdays“

My first post for Across the Bored’s Two Cents Tuesday Challenge. 😀 Birthdays!

Happy Birthday for all born in November. 😀 Happy belated birthday to the rest of us! 😜

I just love birthdays! Of the 365 days of the year, our birthday is our day. It the day God blessed us with life. It’s a day folks sing different versions of 🎶🎶Happy Birthday🎶🎶 to us. 😁


As we get older, birthdays can be as special as we want them to be. Presents, free birthday meals, hanging out just enjoying time with friends and family. 😉

My BFF celebrates the whole month, in which, she was born. 😀 Years ago, she worked our nerves with her birthday count down. 😜 It went something like this–she would notify family and friends 120 days, from her birthday, until she made it, to the single digit of 1 day until her birthday. We never forgot her birthday because of the countdown. Thank God, she out grew it in her 40s! 😀

Like things in life, some birthdays may not be special each year but those who care will always find a way to celebrate and bring a birthday smile to us on our birthday! 😀

Thank God for friends and family who celebrate our birthdays with us!


  ideflex wrote @

Welcome aboard! I love this interpretation – my own Miss Z also likes to make her November birthday last as long as possible!


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thank you! I am glad you liked my debut. 😄 Praise The Lord! God bless you!


  shadeakinbiyi wrote @

Amen to that! Thank you!:)


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks!! Enjoy your blessed day!


  Caddo wrote @

This is simply marvelous, every word! It wasn’t until 2011 that I greeted my birthday with joy, but now I really make up for all the sad/lost years!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks Sis Caddo for sharing and God bless you! (smile)


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