Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: “Writing”


Remember back in the day, when we wrote notes or letters and mailed them? Remember keeping a diary or journal, where you wrote every thought, feeling? We wrote about our joys, heartbreak, things and stuff! Ah, those were the days.  (wink)



In the 21st century, we write letters–the email kind. Short hand text kind. Sometimes, I wonder just where would we be without today’s technology? Although, I do like having a portable way to jot my thoughts down on my phone!  (shock face)

Can you remember the last time, you actually penned a personal letter and mailed it?  (smile)

I love to write. Somewhere in a box, I have cards, notes and old letters that span over many years of things and stuff. Its been awhile, since I walked down memory lane with those timeless treasures and experiences. How about you? When was the last time, you walked down memory lane? Inquiring minds wanna know.  (wink)

We all have a story. No one can write it better then us.  (smile)

God bless you and have a great day!

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

18 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: “Writing”

  1. I remember writing and receiving letter ! Can you imagine I just said that! Haha! I cherish the hand written letters from my Dad! It is so much more special than an email printed on the computer! Thanks for the memory!

          1. True! It’s all part of building our faith in God! Courage comes easier when spirit led with right motives (smile) that’s why we pray for our enemies! Again, people who judge usually reap what they sow! God is in charge! We are always learning and growing (smile) as we crawl, walk and run on this earth 😜

          2. Yep, and I’ve reaped plenty of judgment, so I’m especially happy to be learning and growing faster now! And thank you for the reminder to pray for enemies–I tend to forget that one….!

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