Love is (Part 3)

Sometimes, we must show unconditional love to those around us because they need it most. God bless us, by faith, as we love one another, as God loves us. Let His will be done.

Ann - A Friend of Jesus 2013

The profound Love Letter to the World shown below is quite awesome, in the way, it lets us see someone, from a different perspective, and gives a better understanding on how stuff became stuff.


We all have stuff. It takes courage to be honest about who we are and care less about what others think. People judge without having all the facts or knowing anything about us. (shock face) Here’s the thing, the words we use speak volumes about our spiritual maturity (milk or meat, flesh or spirit led), our values, level of integrity and the genuine love in our life. (smile) Come on now, let’s be real. How many times do we tell the positive stuff about someone verses the negative stuff? (smile)

This letter gives clarity to imagining what it might have been like. It’s loving and seeing someone as God loves and sees them. Hurting people can…

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Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

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