Updated Emergency Numbers

Hello my friends 😀 I need to be away from blogging for a few days. Have no worries, all is well in my world. 😜 I’ll miss your smiling faces. 😉

I came across an updated version of the bible emergency numbers for your reading pleasure. Feel free to visit the website anytime, I made some subtle changes and left the lights on for you! 😜


God bless us as we keep the faith and keep moving forward. Let His will be.

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

28 thoughts on “Updated Emergency Numbers

          1. Ouch! I know that one…hope you are not in too much pain. I’m just about done for the day myself…almost 3PM here in California.

            What’s for dinner anyway? Be careful chewing even if its something like soup or applesauce!



          2. Good for you. I was lucky enough to retire very early from sales/marketing in 2008.

            Funny I never even considered retirement at anytime. Life brings about some unexpected things at times…



          3. Absolutely true! Life is God’s “novel,” we must let Him write it…(another quote I used recently).

            He is the Artist, we are the brushes. He decides the picture, we apply the brush strokes. It’s all up to God, but we must make sure we are ready and willing when He puts us to the color palette!



  1. Thanks for this Ann, so thoughtful and kind of you! I pray you have a refreshing time while away. Have wonderfully blessed week!! 🙂

    p.s. I’ve beenso busy on this end, i will share my comment on the award asap. thanks so much for your patience. 🙂


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