Matthew 5:38-48, Love for Enemies

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In one of my earlier blog post, I shared about my love for The Lord! I am led by the Holy Spirit and enjoy a deep and personal relationship with Jesus! All of my postings are written from a “we” perspective because as Jesus changed my life, and my mind was renewed, my “I” became “we”. (smile)

It is not my intention to offend or judge anybody by my way of expression. By faith, I hope the things and stuff shared helps someone. (smile)

Love for enemies requires six things: faith, maturity, spiritual fruit, choice, forgiveness and surrendered to the Holy Spirit. It comes down to spirit versus flesh.

Having spiritual fruit, love (giving), joy (gladness), peace (free from worry and fear), long suffering (patience), gentleness (kindness), goodness (generosity), faith (dependability), meekness (gentleness) and temperance (self-control), gets us closer to adapting and adjusting to others things and stuff, around us.

I’ve mentioned before, it all starts with us. Love, change, growth, forgiveness, things and stuff. The “it” has to come from within. We can’t give what we don’t have. God is in the people business. God is light and love. He expects us to love those around us, as He loves us. His love does not stop when we stumble.

I can tell you that the more fruit within, the easier loving our enemies becomes, especially when we’re obedient to God! Ever wonder why some people are in our lives?

Most times, they’re the very ones, God uses to help us grow. (gritted teeth smile)

Everyone has a testimony about someone and their thing or their stuff that hurt us, betrayed us, abused us, or fill in the blank ______________ . We have to forgive them, in order to move past the thing. God will take care of the someone, someday. Reap and sow.

Look at verse 44, we’re to love, bless, do good and pray for our enemies. Yes, this is a life long process. Some days are easier than others to love our enemies. We can thank God for His mercy and His grace when we stumble!

Here’s the thing, sometimes, we can love some from a distance! (shock face) This is where God’s mercy and grace helps us keep moving forward in our life; so that negative stuff does not enter into our heart! The key is not to beat ourself up when we stumble. There will always be another opportunity to show love to our enemies!

Be blessed! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

10 thoughts on “Matthew 5:38-48, Love for Enemies

  1. I think those of us in the USA have few horrible enemies. It is not like we are being tortured and killed for our beliefs or where we come from. I do not know if I could love my enemy if that were to happen to me and those I love. It is often hard to love the unlovable as Jesus in normal circumstances.

    1. Thanks Patricia for stopping by and commenting (smile). True, loving like Jesus is a life long process. Thank God, we have His mercy and grace until we can love like Jesus. Granted horrible things happen or can happen, God gives free will to choose. He know all things and those who will never be His. The best part is God remains in charge regardless. Again, thanks for your great comment, God bless you (smile)

  2. Many ways to smile, but a smile for Jesus always seems to put joy in ones life, love your site, we I can just see Jesus and you smiling along life,s path. Your sister in Christ, cw

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  3. I love the “we” part and I feel the same way. When Satan reminds me of the past I just remind Him that God has thrown it behind His back and so have I. I pray for my enemies as I know they live in spiritual darkness and will only come out of it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Speaking of fruit . . . the more I pray for others the more I seem to reap them!

    Sorry about your smiles 🙁 ~ Blessings ~

  4. This is such a difficult one for us, Ann. Not just privately, but publicly as well. Too many times we feel justified to vilify those we decide are “bad guys” without taking time to pray for their repentance and salvation. Too much silence around it. Good for you for taking the time to bring this to the forefront. And I was so glad to see you mention the fruit of the Holy Spirit. I decided to make that my first blog series this year! Bless you, Ann, for the courage to remind us of the words Jesus spoke.

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