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Distractions can come at any time. Ever get so distracted that you lose half the day or evening? I’ve had too many distractions today plus thinking about stuff that should have been put at the foot of the cross!

I mentioned before that dental appointments overwhelm me. Well, I have two appointments this week. Ugh, this dental season needs to be over!

I have to admit that I’ve worked myself into a frenzy and my thoughts are all over the place! By faith, this too shall pass, just not at the moment! (smile)

I share this because–sometimes, we just need to unplug to relax! I will be away from electronic devices for a few days. (shock face)

Be blessed until we meet here again. (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

11 thoughts on “Things and Stuff – Distractions

  1. Dear Ann, As usual your writing is very good. But…. before you hibernate, let me share a saying of Patsy Claremont (I think). She said she was thinking about the song, “Take your burden to the cross and leave it there.” She expounded and said that after she took her burdens to the cross, and left them there, that she missed them so much that she went back and got them and took them with her. (I think I’m supposed to put ‘lol.’) That is like a lot of our views of life. So. Please. Don’t pick up any extra burdens and put them on your shoulders and carry them everywhere with you. Blessings,
    John 17:3
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

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