Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: “Cook”


I was going to skip this weeks challenge since I don’t cook and own no recipe for anything. I have cookbooks somewhere in storage. (smile) So I decide to have fun with this challenge. I’m laughing as I’m writing (smile) Here’s my sense of humor about cooking as illustrated by my acrostic. (smile)

Cook. Cooked. Cooking. Three words not on my resume. (smile) I tried cooking a few times. Can you say, disaster. I tried frying once. You can’t fry on high flames. (Ugh)


I tried cooking with a crock pot. Put all the stuff in the crock pot and left for work, thinking when I walked in the door, I’d smell my masterpiece, (ha) I forgot to turn it on! (smile) Imagine my shocked face! Sometime back in 1990, I gave up trying to cook!

It was not for me. Someday, maybe, just not today or tomorrow, or the day after that…

You need patience and interest to cook. I have patience, just no interest for cooking! (shock face)

You know when you rent, then decide to move; you clean real well to get your deposit back. Most places I’ve rented, the kitchen stove was always immaculate! Of course, it would be, it was never used. They didn’t know that. (smile) I did enjoy boiling water for cup of noodles for awhile. (smile) I don’t think boiling water counts. (smile)

Nope, I am the queen of microwaving, dining out or ordering take out! (smile) Every year, restaurants can count on me to bring them profits! (smile)

Hope you enjoyed my cook challenge! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

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13 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: “Cook”

  1. Hahaha! So very true, those poor dusty cold stoves. However, I am somewhat thankful that you never used those stoves because remember that old one in Kenner that you pushed me from the flames just in time? Not really sure why it spit flames at me, but Gods grace is sufficient that you were in the right place at the right time because I might not have a face today had it not been for His covering.

  2. You are not alone…my poor family exists solely on pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and things I can throw in the oven. I do like to cook sometimes, but I get overwhelmed by day-t-day activities (INFJ here)…plus, I spend a LOT of time writing, blogging, and the like.

    I dream of the day when I make enough income to hire a nanny/cook ūüôā

  3. Your acrostic is a riot! It applies to me as well! Being a poor cook too, I dislike to do so. But can’t even stand “helping” to cook, either. Like if someone wanted me to mix something or chop something (or even to add salt to something!), I’m grumbling inside and outside. But I have been cooking more this past year than before, in order to eat out less. But whenever the sis asks me what I’m cooking, I always answer, “Heck if I know!”. Because whatever’s on the pan or pot is just a big gumbo of whatever was in the fridge. If I’ve got potatoes and celery, then it’s Potato Celery Sumthin’ for chow. I really enjoyed this wonderful post!

  4. You have a great since of humor, do not give up on me commenting back, a lot going on. I save your emails for awhile, so I will answer soon. Husbands sister pass on over to joy and peaceful heaven.

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