Repeat After Me, I Am…

Repeat after me, I am free. When you know the will of God for your life, it’s a beautiful thing! (smile) As spiritual fruit and maturity grows, we see life, things and stuff differently. When God takes our brokenness and makes us whole, changes began, our mind gets renewed and our heart fills with such love that others will notice it, without us having to tell them. Seriously, the change is that evident! Thus, God gets the glory. (smile)

We sometimes forget that we are on different levels in life, phases for a better understanding; and that God is no respecter of persons. The specifics to heal and grow may vary depending on the things and stuff of each individual and the choice to choose Him. God will wait on us. Long-suffering and patience!


Here’s the thing, there will be times when no matter what we say or do, that storm or challenge will assist in getting us where we need to go, when we’re stuck. (shock face) There are things in the heart that comes out when we’re pressed, stressed and a mess! (shock face)

Remember Romans 8:28. Change is a life long process! Thus, the race.

For many years, I didn’t know what my spiritual gift was. Can you guess what it is? (smile)

So today’s encouragement is to be in competition with no one. Run your race. Everything else is irrelevant and should be put at the foot of the cross!

No worries, no frets, just faith and confidence to repeat after me that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me and greater is He in me than he that is in the world.

Real freedom comes when we careless about what others think! Remember, they talked about Jesus, among others things! Be blessed and keep the faith! (smile)

Your thoughts or comments are always welcome! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

11 thoughts on “Repeat After Me, I Am…

  1. Free, free, at last though the father, son and Holy Spirit , thank you lord, for all your blessings , grace and mercy. Lu my email friend, ann

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