Pass The Test

Some challenges are tests. If we remain calm, keep our peace, and walk by faith, we’ll pass with flying colors! (smile)

Thursday was a test day for me (smile) I made a decision about someone in my life and found out that God had other plans. (shock face) Needless to say, I was not prepared for the sincerity I heard in their voice which completely cause my thoughts to go blank for my comeback remark. My spirit was quickened, my tongue bridled so I just let it go.

I walked out of my house to be hit by the brutal cold and the slippery walk way because I did not shovel the snow off my patio. (Ugh)

I make it to my car and while it’s warming up decided to look for my work ID. Could not find it! (Panic time) So I go back into my house, snow all over my boots, (ugh) to look for my ID. No where could I find it! With no ID, you can’t drive onto the facility. So I called to get a ride with someone. By this time, I am feeling a bit numb but still peaceful. The person was coming to get me in fifteen minutes. Somehow in a matter of that time, I locked my keys in my car! (OMG) I think, are you kidding me!

By this time, my thoughts go through a series of coulda, woulda, shoulda. If you shoveled like you were supposed to…if you didn’t make that call… I felt my silly thoughts were trying to push any button. I thought I had road service assistance with my insurance.

I found out that I didn’t and for $75.00 they would send someone to get my keys. (shock face) It’s while waiting that it hits me, I am being tested! I smile because by the grace of God, I passed so far. (smile) I am not being prideful friends just praising God for the growing of spiritual fruit and the renewal of my mind to keep moving forward by not stopping and dwelling on the why is this happening.

See thoughts will come, it’s our choices that dictate the things that follows. Suffice it to say, I was tested all day. I kept choosing to breath and have faith that God was in control and He was! At the end of the day, I was exhausted with a victory by His grace! (smile)

I am also praying whether to continue blogging! It’s a bit overwhelming most days. Until I learn to balance, some days, there may not be any postings. Please bear with me as I figure this out! Be blessed my friends and enjoy your day!

Author: Ann V. Friend

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17 thoughts on “Pass The Test

  1. take it easy.. don’t consider blogging now as another test.. there are already so many which we are passing through daily. do it when you feel like writing.. there are different formats.. photopost, or maybe just a few words.. šŸ™‚

  2. I have to disagree with Robert – but I suspect there may have been some facetiousness going on there? I think your blogs come across in all humility and honesty – but God knows the best balance for you, and if you’re meant to continue, you’ll be able to find the time / words to do so. If not … I have learnt many times the hard way that no-one is irreplacable, whether in children’s ministry, cooking the dinner … (husband competing with me on that one – and I need to let him rather than take umbrage that he’s muscling in on MY territory!)

    1. Thank you so much for the insight (smile). I am learning to discipline my time which has been a challenge. Sometimes my game play distracts me and I lose big moments of my plan. I’ve only been blogging 10 months and haven’t found what works best yet. So I am praying for the happy medium (smile) thanks again for your thoughts and God bless you my friend!!

  3. Rest,Be still and wait, in due time, the wisdom from our father will guide you. Lovingly, your sister in Christ

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  4. I relate to your issue of blogging continuance. I too wonder of it’s validity. I sometimes think blogging is no more than a platform for ego’s to embellish the rest of us with their great comprehension of all things. It’s all vanity my friend. God Bless You! Rob

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