Roll With It Friday

“Attitudes are contagious is yours worth catching?”-Anonymous-

TGIF! You look marvelous (smile) Be encouraged today by focusing on what brings a smile to your face. Roll with it!

Make today an opportunity to change one thing! I’m having pizza for breakfast. (shock face) Roll with it!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let it go. Put it at the foot of the cross! Roll with it!

Keep the faith this too shall pass! Roll with it!

Regardless of things and stuff, keep your sense of humor! (smile) Roll with it!

Sing your favorite song when pesky thoughts come! Roll with it!

Have a blessed and roll with it day! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

17 thoughts on “Roll With It Friday

  1. that is always good advice – I like to pause sometimes and breath and focus on joy – it just is refreshing, invigorating; healthy. It strengthens the man in me and I feel vital and strong… pizza for breakfast; you may like to know about this:
    here is a related tip about mindfulness and health to detoxify, shed excess weight and boost overall vitality ‚Äď by mindfulness of attention of body and breathing ‚ÄĒ those ancients are again surfacing in modern practices.

    ~ Eric

      1. I thought I was the only pizza for breakfast — what I do with leftovers.
        Thank you; He then.
        Blessings I pray reign upon us -all.
        God Bless You young friend.
        ~ Eric

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