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Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile)

One Another

“The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.”
– Oscar Wilde –

This last week was brutal. By the grace of God, I survived. But at times, it was not pretty. There is a lack, of respect, these days in regards to our time. Yesterday, I got angry and slammed a door. (shock face) My motive was two fold–one, I was frustrated and two, to show how rumors get started because some feel the need to gossip. (shock face) I think we forget about reaping and sowing. Karma.

I mentioned awhile back that God will use anything and anyone to prune and produce more spiritual fruit within us. I guess I needed more pruning this week because each day brought more things and stuff. Yesterday, I realized no matter how kind or respectful you are to others; free will allows others to fill in the blank______________. (shock face)

I slammed a door out of frustration. I talk to God all the time. I pleaded with Him yesterday, help me, Lord Jesus, what are you trying to teach me because it’s obvious I am being tested and failing. I took a break and prayed. I tried meditating on 1 Corinthians 10:13 – There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. Nothing. I still had to walk through the thing.

Sometimes, we forget that no matter what happens; no matter what others say or how they treat us; we are loved unconditionally by God and the rest is irrelevant. (smile) There is a liberating freedom when your self worth comes from being a child of God! His love never fails. (smile)

That moment lasted twelve minutes before I was dealt the final blow of the day. (sad face)

I had been crashing and burning, on something, most of the week, to get a call to stop and pick it back up next week! What, I thought. Has this ever happened to you? Time wasted. (Ugh)

I didn’t breath calmly, my silly thoughts kicked in reminding me of all the things I didn’t do because of this something. I broke down and cried so hard that I asked God, why, Heavenly Father, why do I bother to do the right thing when it’s obvious I am not respected here!

It took almost twenty minutes for me to hear Him say softly, it’s not about you. Let thy will be done Lord. The one thing I love about my relationship with The Lord is my freedom to tell Him anything. Even when I am frustrated. He always listens. (smile)

Many times, obedience is about showing something to those around us. Let’s be honest, we’re all on different levels spiritually. Listed above has the scriptures, in the bible, on one another. When we can do these scriptures from a genuine heart, we sow into each other’s life. (smile)

I also like to thank and bless a friend–who likes to use K, when replying for emphasis. God had you in the right place at the right time! Thanks so much!

I had to repent and forgive quite a bit last night to let the things and stuff of the week go.

Be blessed my friends and enjoy your weekend! Comments and thoughts are welcome. (smile)


  shade akinbiyi wrote @

Amen. Thank you Ann, I really admire your courage to share and inspire us in our walk with Christ, even when it’s painful and inconvenient for you. You are already BLESSED my friend 🙂


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thank you so much Shade (hugs) I give God the glory. I sow and He waters. (smile) God bless you and enjoy your day. (smile)


  Arrowheart Ranch wrote @

Thank you for your transparency. You tell it like it is and wrap it in hope and faith beautifully. ❤️


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

I give glory to God for my courage to openly share my things and stuff with everyone. (smile) Thank you so much for commenting. God bless you and enjoy your day! (smile)


  jackheyman wrote @

That really makes sense. Thanks!


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Anytime, my friend (smile)


  jackheyman wrote @

I hate that your day (week) was so bad. I understand, however, where you are coming from. I think my biggest problem is that I don’t turn to God as often as you do. I merely swallow it whole like a glass of spoiled milk, then deal with the internal consequences. Is it bad that I don’t “think” about turning to God as much as you do? I think maybe it is. That is a good question though….how does one remember to turn to God when all is not right? For some that may seem like a stupid question, but for me it is quite legitimate. -A friend of Ann’s


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

It is a choice. It took me years to fully learn that. Turning to Him was all I had that gave me comfort when others hurt me. (smile) He is always with us. In time, you’ll find that once you turn to Him first, you will feel such strength to endure that it becomes a part of your life (smile) thanks so much for sharing jackheyman, I am grateful
for you taking the time to comment. (smile) God bless you, my friend!


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Let me also say that as our faith in God develops, turning to Him becomes easier because He got us through x, y or z. (smile)


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