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My God Is Bigger Than…(Part 2)

Jeremiah 32:27 – Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

Faith and trust in God brings comfort that sustains through anyone or anything, every single time. (smile) You feel a boldness to yell “bring it, I walk with God where possibilities are endless.” (smile)

Having faith and trust in God helps when going through trials and tribulations, as I call things and stuff, in life. (gritted teeth smile)

Many times, we get caught up with a distraction or misdirection; while going through things and stuff. Many times, we give x, y or z, too much input over decisions, we should be taking to God in prayer.

I believe the hardest challenge, to go through, is disappointments. In ourself, others, situations. Too many times, speaking the wrong words to the wrong people, makes it that much harder to stand on faith and trust God. Sometimes, timing is everything. God knows things we don’t.

Praying and giving God all our things and stuff is wisdom. Psalms 118:8 says “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

There are things in life only God can change. Cut out the middle person and give it to God. There is nothing too hard for Him. Remember David and Goliath!

Be blessed and know, by faith, that God is bigger than anything or x, y, or z, that we face. (smile)


[…] My God Is Bigger Than…(Part 2) […]


  Cindy Siebert (@scribler) wrote @

So true! And prayer is so important. Great post.

from NaBloPoMo


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thank you Cindy (smile) God bless you!


  marie3838 wrote @

A big thank you, with all God,s blessings for your uplifting compassionate message. Gma

Sent from my iPad



  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks and God bless you marie38 (smile)

Like wrote @

Miss ann I like this one I like the Scriptures too I like what you said possibilities with God are endless is. Yeah! oidX2 on Verizon Wireless™


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thank you so much my friend (smile) God bless you!


  Meg wrote @

So Good, God the Father brings stability in our lives no matter what’s going on.


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Amen! Thank you and God bless for sharing (smile)


  shade akinbiyi wrote @

Amen! Thank you Ann!!


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks and God bless you Shade! Enjoy your weekend (smile)


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