Roll With It, Everyday

Thanks and God bless you big friends, who took the time to leave words of encouragement. (smile) Sometimes, starting over is a good thing. Once you accept that it is, what it is. Roll with it! (smile)

Yes, I was bummed to lose all of my reference notes, weeks of drafts, to include work for my book, until I was reminded that I’m a roll with it and it is what, it is, kind of woman! (shock face)

Sometimes, we stop doing the very thing that brings us the most joy in challenging times! Let’s not internalize other people’s stuff. (shock face)

Roll with it is an attitude of gratitude for me. (smile) It helps to keep my sense of humor. It helps to know that God will not give me more than I can bear. It keeps me grounded. I understand each trial and tribulation produces more spiritual fruit. Roll with it is my assurance that regardless or things and stuff, x, y and z, God is in control. God can use all things to get me where I need to be. (clench teeth smile)

Adapt and adjust. Stuff happens. Roll with it! The beautiful thing about sowing words of kindness, encouragement and faith, is when we are going through things and stuff, dealing with x, y and z, God will bring to our remembrance the very thing we need to help us most, every single time. We just have to listen. (smile) Praise The Lord! (smile)

No matter where we are in our season of life, choose to see and speak about the positive and good parts. Pray about the rest. Life goes on, whether we participant or not. Understanding that we are not alone put things in perspective. Understanding that God can use all things brings hope that it’s temporary and it will pass! (smile) Roll with it!

So as I rebuild and restart everything writing related, I will use my computer for daily backups. No more relying on just the IPAD and IPHONE! Ugh, what a lesson. Roll with it! (smile)

Be blessed, keep the faith that whatever you are going through, remember Romans 8:28! Enjoy your day, my friends and roll with it! (smile) As always, thoughts are comments are welcome!

Author: Ann V. Friend

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11 thoughts on “Roll With It, Everyday

  1. I’ve been in the computer industry for many years now. I can say that data loss is not reserved for the average user, data will be lost at some point for anyone using the technology. Electronics will fail us, God will not.
    A Servant

  2. What I dread losing at the moment is all the church accounts, yes I back up but I am now at the crucial stage, and will the printer work? Ah yes modern life us full of many technological pitfalls, but paper and ink and a set of books had these to… May fortune, who is a flighty handmaid of The Lord, smile on you!šŸ˜ƒ

      1. Yes, faith says it all. I am happy to report I have managed a full print run and am quietly confident that the Lord who whispered ‘just hold my hand’ on Monday is in control, think about me tomorrow, I’m reading poetry with no time to practise in aid of Mackmillan Nurses who do such Stirling work in supporting cancer patients and their families in their own homes. We have a saying, “if The Lord can’t come, he will always send.” These nurses are heaven sent!

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