Ann – A Friend of Jesus 2013

Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile)


“Anything is possible, my friend. Anything.”
~ Author Unknown ~

Hello friends (smile) Thank God for friends! Friends are a blessing. Friends encourage and believe in us. Friends provide comfort. Friends pray for us. Friends show up when we need them most. (smile)

Everybody needs a safe zone with at least one good friend. A safe zone where there is no judging, just listening and being there.

Thank you and blessings to old and new friends for supporting my blogging efforts, your kind words of encouragement and prayers! (cheesy smile) I pray faithfully that God manifest your hearts desire exponentially. (smile)

Be blessed as you thank those friends in your life for all that they do! (smile)


  Mavadelo wrote @

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  therandomg wrote @

Yay! Love this post.


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks (smile)


  Carolyn Hughes wrote @

Beautiful! 🙂


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thank you (smile) Blessings!


  Sharmishtha Basu wrote @

true friends are angels in human form.


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Amen! (smile) Thanks for commenting! Blessings!


  shade akinbiyi wrote @

Lovely post Ann! Enjoy your day with lots of blessings! 🙂


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Thanks Shade! By faith I will and I bless the same to you!! (smile)


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