IWSG Keep The Faith

Hello friends. (smile) Sometimes, too much negativity can drain you. (shock face)

Negativity breeds negativity.

Sure, there are times, when we don’t focus and hear something negative and bam, we walk away speaking or thinking negative thoughts. Ugh. Cast that stuff, it’s draining.

I am still building my confidence and courage with blogging. (smile) I just keep moving forward and I encourage you to do the same. (smile)

I am learning to block out all the coulda, woulda and shoulda. It gains us nothing to second guess ourself.

Write or blog, the things that you know and create and the rest is irrelevant. Someone will like it. Keep the faith. (smile)

Please don’t feed the negativity! Remember, not my circus, not my monkeys! Humor, my friends, never lose our sense of humor. (wink)

Blessings as we believe in ourself and keep the faith! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

23 thoughts on “IWSG Keep The Faith

  1. PS Many of the “words” that you find on Petals, that I hear are from Jesus. I am not able to prove this, I just know it. I have heard His Voice since a child. And much more. (smile) xx Amy

  2. I really want to support you, Ann, so I followed you. I am not able to promise I will be here regularily, but I will just do the best I can do. My life is very full, and my blogging life just as so. Many come to Petals, and many I do try to interact with. It is challenging, yet this is what my Heart leads me to do. Bless you for blessing me today!!!! Love, Amy

      1. What a breath of fresh air you are, Ann. Thank you for coming into my Life. I hang onto God with all I’ve got, believe me. In order to do what I do at Petals, I must line my Life up with all I have been taught, and all that I share. I have been given a mantle, and I take it very seriously. With Love, Amy

          1. As do I. I am out of the box as well, so my “lingo” is universal, in order that I touch ALL peoples. I think you will get the hang of it. If my sis can, who is literally in the box as they come, you can too. (smile) Love, Amy

          2. I had a feeling you did. YAY!!!!! I have been taught for more then 30 years, in order to touch ALL, I must adapt MY language in order for the many to understand. Not easy when I am used to saying certain things in my own private life, a certain way. I check my Heart, and what I write, is Truth. xx Amy

  3. It’s tough to walk the Walk of Love. Meaning, not getting pulled into negativity. The thoughts are the toughest. You may ACT in one way, but what are you really thinking? Yep, sure have worked on this one!!! Thank you! Love, Amy

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