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My Entry for the IWSG Anthology

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Hello friends and welcome to our Co-hosts for October:

Kristin Smith –
Suzanne Furness
Fundy Blue

We all need encouragement in life. My post entry is to encourage anyone, out there, with a passion to write, to start writing. Just do it. The more you write, the better you get. Do it for yourself.

Writing can be a work of art. Writing can be an individual’s masterpiece. I’m an old school kinda girl, who believes that writing can be as unique and different as God created each of us to be. There is something beautiful about being free enough to write in your own style.

Writing takes patience. Writing takes confidence. Writing takes faith to believe in what we bring to the table as a writer. Writing can start by putting thoughts on a page. Writing can be our statement to the world as only we can tell it. Writing can be fact or fiction.

Its our choice. I choose to write about my spiritual journey and maturity in my Christian walk. I choose to share my unique personality in my own self expression. I encourage this same blessing to you.

Choosing to be an unique individual with your own voice is a beautiful thing. Choosing to be fearless in your unique expression is a beautiful thing to behold. Choosing your own writing preference is your choice.

I admire successful and published authors. They validate my faith that writing and completing a book is possible.

Start and have faith in your writing ability builds courage to keep writing until that book is finished.

Keep the faith to finish your book and find the right publisher!

So write and keep writing until you reach the end. Remember to laugh and have fun along the journey!

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I give IWSG permission to use my post in their IWSG anthology book.


  carolynrice wrote @

Oh my goodness, Ann, we both wrote about writing today. Thank you for your encouragement:)


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Carolyn, how about that. Awesome (smile) Blessings!!


  Alex J. Cavanaugh (@AlexJCavanaugh) wrote @

Have faith and use the talent God gave you. Great message of encouragement!
Thanks for contributing to the book.


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Amen! Thanks Alex. I’m honored to be a part of this awesome group! (smile) Stay blessed, my friend!!


  Lori L MacLaughlin wrote @

I’ve always liked that slogan: Just do it. I’ve said it to myself many times over the years. Thank you for your inspiring post.


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Lori! (smile) The power of words. Blessings!


  mlouisebarbourfundyblue wrote @

Hi Ann! I’m visiting today as an IWSG co-host. I’m a newbie member, and it’s such fun to be going around to meet new bloggers (to me). Your piece is inspiring and really hits an important point in that each of us has a unique and valuable voice. And you advice to “Just Do It!” is so important. Step-by-step you can reach your dream. Thank you for writing this!


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

You are most welcome. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m honored by your visit. (smile) Blessings!


  Donna M. McDine wrote @

Terrific cheerleading and inspiring! Thanks for your words of wisdom! I’m new to IWSG and I’m delighted to be here!


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Welcome Donna! Thank you for your kind words (smile) I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment. Blessings and enjoy the group. (smile)


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