Wahoo! I’m Done

Hello friends. (smile) Today was my last dental appointment after 15 months of straight and serious dental work!

Wahoo, I’m done. DONE!

Praise The Lord. (smile)

I will be celebrating for a few days because there was some angst about implants. I prayed and had faith.

Today, my dentist informed me that implants are not needed, after all! Whew!

Again, Praise The Lord! (smile)

So friends, be blessed and enjoy the rest of the week. See you in a few days! (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

4 thoughts on “Wahoo! I’m Done

  1. ❤ Amen ❤ and Congrats Ye are Done!! ❤

    Since I am disabled on Medicare I do Not have dental waaaa..

    I Know GOD will Provide Though, as He Always has in my life!! ❤ HE Jesus Christ is Wonderful / Peaceful / Worthy / Righteous!! ❤


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