I’ve Got Nothing

Hello friends. (smile) How was your day?

Snow. Challenging day. Distractions. No lunch. Too many thoughts. Another failed test. These were just some of the things I crawled through today.

Praise The Lord for friends, who encourage and help us release the angst. Thank you!

I’ve got nothing specific today. (shock face)

Thank God for His mercy and His grace. It’s the end of the day and I’m still standing, just a bit tired. Ugh, it’s only Tuesday….

Blessings, as you sleep well tonight! (smile) By faith, meet you back here sometime tomorrow, if The Lord says the same.

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. Oh, those days like these. Been there too many times. Your “I’ve got nothing” was a wonderful testimony to me. It let’s me know we’re all in this together. Many blessings to you and have a blessed night.

    1. Glory to God! Thank you (smile) for the validation that we are in this together and sometimes sharing our stuff does help someone. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. {{hugs}} Abundant blessing to you.

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