Away from Blog

Hello friends. (smile) I hope all is well in your world. All is well in my world, I just find myself in a weird place these days.

Sometimes, I think about quitting blogging.

Sometimes, I get tired of rhetoric.
Lately, I’m entertaining retirement from the circus.

I’m praying my way through.

Blessings until we meet here again. (smile)

Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

21 thoughts on “Away from Blog

  1. It’s been a great run, Ann! Will the run continue?… for selfish reasons I sure hope so 😀 Yet, you have terrific discernment so…you go and discern and rest and enjoy. I just know our paths will cross again and that makes me very happy ❤

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  2. Sometimes Ann if but remember Jesus would leave the 99 in search of one that maybe some of the rewarding features of your efforts are yet for you to discover. One day you meet a person who informs you that if hadn’t been for a blog they were reading they would have given up. Could it have been yours?

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