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IWSG Faith Through Disappointments

Don’t worry about how things might turn out. Just remember that nothing came to those who didn’t try.
~ Unknown Author ~

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
~ Romans 8:28 ~

Hello friends. (smile) Welcome to our IWSG September co-hosts:

Heather M. Gardner
Christine Rains
Dolorah at Book Lover
Julie Flanders
Murees Dupé

We all experience disappointments from time to time.

Disappointments can be unsettling to the psyche. Disappointments can cause us to question why or doubt. Sometimes, its timing.

Like failures, disappointments can be a blessings. Both bring an adjustment, revamp or open door that evolves to something better.

Patience is required through most things in life.

We’re blessed when we keep the faith to try and try again.

Faith through disappointments become easier to understand when we realize how God can work all things out.

Most times, he has something better. Thank you Lord.

Blessings, as we have faith through disappointments.   It will all work out.

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  lexacain wrote @

I’ve certainly had my share of disappointments, yet I keep trying. I sure hope that’s faith and not just blind stupidity! LOL! Have a lovely weekend!

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Lexa! Just posted celebrate post (smile) As for disappointments, let’s have faith that it’s faith (wink) Have a blessed long Labor Day weekend!!


  Lori L MacLaughlin wrote @

We just have to keep the Faith. Thank you for your uplifting posts!

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thank you Lori (smile) Have a blessed weekend and Labor Day!

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  Kristi Ann wrote @

We all have problems, but, our FATHER who art in HEAVEN JESUS ( YESHUA ) CHRIST is Always there to pick us back up!!

Thus, Please Everyone “TRUST in the LORD with all Thine HEART and lean NOT unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways Acknowledge HIM and HE Shall Direct thy Paths” ( Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV )!!

Love ❤ Always and Shalom,

Kristi Ann

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Kristi Ann (smile) Blessings

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  Donna Hole wrote @

Lessons can be learned through disappointment. Just gotta be open minded.

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Donna (smile) Abundant blessings!


  Alex J. Cavanaugh (@AlexJCavanaugh) wrote @

Disappointments often mean there is something better just around the corner. And God is guiding us towards it.

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Amen and thanks Alex. I’m keeping the faith and waiting. Abundant blessings (smile)


  Adrienne Reiter (@AdrienneReiter) wrote @

Always good to keep your head up. Committing to being an artist is about learning how to handle rejection.

Is there something specific that’s disappointing you?

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Adrienne (smile) nothing serious just keeping the faith because I know God has something better. Abundant blessings.

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thank you and blessings for the reblog!


  » IWSG Faith Through Disappointments wrote @

[…] IWSG Faith Through Disappointments […]

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