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Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile)

Faith to Weather The Storm

Keeping the faith and praying the Word of God defeats negativity every single time. Prayer and faith is powerful in any storm.
~ Ann V. Friend ~

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?
~ Jeremiah 32:27 ~

Hello friends. Keeping the faith and praying as we weather the storm. I love the Book of Psalms. It provides comfort to dwell and abide in The Lord with faith and trust in him.
Psalm 91
These days, almost everything spoken is negative.

Thank God for balancing life by raising up encouragers with the gift of faith. Thank you Lord.

Abundant blessings and keeping the faith as we weather the storm praying and meditating on his Word.

©afriendofjesus2013Blog, Aug 2013.


  Ann V. Friend wrote @

You are most welcome (smile) I give glory to God. Blessings serenityseeker2017!


  serenityseeker2017 wrote @

This was so beautifully spoken. I was greatly blessed and encouraged. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and your messages. May God bless you richly my sister!

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  Faith to Weather The Storm – WomanofGod2017 wrote @

[…] Source: Faith to Weather The Storm […]

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  Lori L MacLaughlin wrote @

I agree, there’s too much negativity in this world. More positivity is needed. Prayers for you that you are weathering the storm.

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thanks Lori, I weathered the storm, Praise The Lord. Shoveling all that snow was a bit brutal on my body. Thank God, rest and meds have me feeling better (smile) Blessings!

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  Kristi Ann wrote @

Amen Sister in Christ Jesus Anne!!

Love ❤ Always,


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  Ann V. Friend wrote @


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  LightWriters wrote @

so timely and powerful — blessings!

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  Ann V. Friend wrote @

Thank you! Blessings to you (smile)

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