They Moments

I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.
~ Author Unknown ~

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
~ Galatians 5:22-23 ~

Hello friends. (smile) Happy Saturday. Hope all is well.

Encouragement to see “They” moments from a different perspective. “They” moments test and serve a purpose.

Home. The Circus (work). Life. These areas are where “They” moments happen. Got fruit?

“They” moments develop and produce spiritual fruit within us.

Love (giving), joy (gladness), peace (free from worry and fear), long suffering (patience), gentleness (kindness), goodness (generosity), faith (dependability), meekness (gentleness) and temperance (self-control).

“They” moments teach.
“They” moments humble.
“They” moments change.

“They” moments are temporary.
“They” moments get easier to handle.
“They” moments eventually gives victory.

Praise The Lord, when we pray and keep the faith through “They” moments.

Abundant blessings, my friends because the just does everything by faith. Praise The Lord.

As always, I welcome your thoughts. (smile)

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Author: Ann V. Friend

Be The Light!

18 thoughts on “They Moments

  1. Sorry to bother you again. I’ve had some really challenging weeks (months) so the type of “Message” that I pointed out to you isn’t seen much if at all in my recent posts. Just giving you a heads up. I’m getting back on track it seems. Thank God!!! 🌹

  2. What an absolutely beautiful post, Ann. So much truth which I recognize from my own life within this post. We all have choices as how to live our lives. Through the tests and the challenges that are constantly before us, we learn how to choose from the perspective of Love and peace. At least those of us who walk the Higher Path do have every intention of doing so. Much LOVE to you and many Blessings! 💕🌹💕

    1. Thank you so much Amy for your kind response to my poem. I give God the glory, in the way, he pours positivity into my spirit to share anything and everything from a different perspective (smile) Much love back you with abundant blessings always. 😉

      1. Yet, Ann, if you did not choose to allow God to work through you, this post would not have been created. As I have come to understand (and this may be a different way then you see things) we choose to partner with God, working with Him in order for His Will on Earth to be done. Without the Faithful, God would not be able to move. We are His eyes, ears, hands, voice, His Messengers. I have come to a place in my Walk, that I give credit to myself for being open to God. When we strictly give God the glory, we detract from us our own rightful power in Him. I’ve been on the Path of Love for many years and when I adjusted my thinking to what I just said here, the power of God multiplied and grew within me many times over. And my own self-confidence grew as well, along with my strength.

        I’ve also seen many times that God waits for us to take the first, sometimes the second, and even the third step based on Faith until He then makes Himself known and moves. (smile) I am hoping what I write makes sense. I’ve been known to be an “independent thinker”. (another smile) I mean no offense in any way. 💖

        1. Amy, I like that you’re an “independent thinker”. (smile) I took no offense to your response. I smiled as I read your heart felt words. Its why perspective is a beautiful thing. To share and learn from one another. I have a strong relationship with the Lord, for me, giving all glory to God, keeps me humble, in who I am in Christ (smile) I like and look forward to reading and hearing more of your wisdom (smile)

          1. Bless you for being open to my way of thinking! I have a huge smile on my face and tears pricking my eyes. I have followed my Heart in everything I do and my Heart was strong in sharing with you how I approach my journey with Christ. I do use terminology that has offended Christians in the past because of my audience which is vast. I have learned as taught by the Spiritual Helpers that I have been given, how to speak to such a large audience in a general manner. To give you an example… I was in conversation with a young Christian man in a park recently and when I explained to him how I felt going into my special Zone when I am with Mother Nature, I called it my Nirvana place. He stopped me cold and corrected me in saying no you mean peace place. I offended him on using in his opinion, a new age term. That was not my intention whatsoever because Nirvana to me is bliss, and that is what I feel when I am one with Mother and my camera. You really have made my day, Ann. In more ways than you can possibly know! THANK YOU! 💕😙💕

          2. You are most welcome Amy. (smile). Chalk it up to a “They” moment. Meaning, we’re living in times where conversations , just to communicate has become one way. The “They” moments develops more patience and self-control when misunderstandings occur. “They” moments is not one-sided. (smile). There will be times, “They” moments will require forgiveness. Not so much for them but for us, when we beat ourself up over it. So my new friend, I share this wisdom, Amy, use your heartfelt terminology, you are sowing words, not everyone will receive or get it, but some of us out here will (smile and a wink) Blessings!

          3. You truly are a Blessing!! I can “feel” your energy (I’m an Empath) and it is to me like falling into a golden bubbly warm pool of water. Ahhhhh ….. May we “both” continue living the Message of Love for it is in our actions, not so much our words, that count the most. I cannot express to you how this “connection” has totally lifted me today. This is another way I “know” your Heart. Stay true to your Heart, Ann. God will never lead you wrong when you listen to it, for it is there that He lives in you. BIG (((HUGS)))! And THANK YOU for sharing your “wisdom” with me. 🌹🌹🌹

          4. You’re most welcome and thank you Amy! We’re both blessed by a three cord connection…The Lord! Amen. Ahhh, you’ve helped me a a big way too today! (smile)

          5. PS Because you are “new” to what I “do” at my blog, usually there is a “Message” within my writing. For example, I don’t know if you caught the reference to the “light” in my post today. If you did, you would know that I was saying no matter the difficulties hold steady the LIGHT both in you and in your life. (smile) That is how God works through me …. I begin to write and His words and His (subtle and sometimes hidden) Message comes through my fingers …. It’s a Miracle every time it happens!! [GRIN!]

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