Praying With Specificity

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
~ Isaiah 40:29 ~

Hello friends. (smile) Hope all is well. Prayer is powerful when it’s heart-felt and specific to a need.

Pray with faith believing God will answer.

Abundant blessings, my friends because the just does everything by faith. Praise The Lord.

As always, I welcome your thoughts. (smile)

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Author: Ann V. Friend

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11 thoughts on “Praying With Specificity

  1. Love this, Ann! How else do we get through each and every day if without prayer? Some days there are no formulated words on my part, just a “knowing” in my Heart that goes out to God. I’ve been very careful asking for “strength” because …. (smile) … in order to have strength we are given circumstances to build strength in us. Oh yes, experience has taught me that one! I ask instead, “How much more strength do I possibly need?” Bless you for your Faithfulness and having an Oasis here through your blog for all of those to come to drink. (((HUGS)))!

    1. Thanks so much Amy, I enjoy that thinking mind of yours (smile). The joy of the Lord is my strength is powerful when you walk by faith understanding that God never gives us more than we can bear. Those times we stumble, ahhh the beauty of God’s amazing grace, not to mention he loves us, no strings attached! (wink) So my friend take comfort that you are stronger than you realize, I believe it by faith (smile). Abundant blessings Amy and enjoy your day!! (wink)

      1. Your wisdom I know has been hard won and I so appreciate you sharing that wisdom with me. How much I understand! Many people tell me I am stronger than I realize yet… There are times I would love to have a strong shoulder to put my weary head upon and for someone else to take the reins once in awhile. Bless you abundantly for your faithful Heart! Blessed Sunday to you! 💕🦋💕

        1. Thanks Amy, for those times, you need a strong shoulder, go to your favorite place, imagine starting a conversation with The Lord. Just tell him out loud. His word says casting all your care upon him. I call this care less to be able to cast those heavy burdens onto the someone (The Lord) who *can* do something…(wink) He never leaves us, nor forsakes us. We’re never alone Amy, how powerful is that. Praise The Lord, Sometimes we forget the power of speaking the Word of God to out situation. Sometimes my cup runneth over by his blessings. Many blessings and Happy Sunday (smile)

          1. Wahoo!! Be grateful for the relative quiet here for at my blog it takes me sometimes days to get through all the comments and to reciprocate with those who have commented by going to their blog and leaving a comment. It’s a lot!!! 😲😲😲 LOL

          2. Be careful what you say. LOL I’m laughing out loud. It is very time-consuming!! The upswing is, I’ve met an incredible group of people who are awesome in their own right. ☺️

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