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  1. My favorite part you published. . . I may come back another day to take the other path . . . (And later) but maybe not! Someone I met as a professor in college taught our class to value the path we choose but also be open to the other path, Ann. It is a rather profound thought. It is Not often even considered. . . But it makes sense with all of our paths. We pass up opportunities but sometimes there is a little reminder. . . to circle back and try the other path. What do you think of this given by a respected teacher while I was in college? It actually gives me comfort since my own path has been rather twisty and turning. . . Hugs, Robin

      1. Well, just wanted to ask you since it is a fond memory of my professor yo have asked each of us to try and see Robert Frost was not promoting just one path. People don’t always go as far as you did in quoting his full poem. They stop at taking the road less traveled made all the difference. My prof was saying Frost actually showed a lighter touch. Thank you for responding, Miriam.

        1. Robin, my comment comes from my faith walk with The Lord, thus the path I took. The poem was a reblog from RJ Dawson blog. I love the Frost poem so I reblogged. Thanks

      2. Oops, Ann. I made a mistake. ❤️
        I did not mean to include someone else’s​ name of “Miriam.” I used to be able to delete errors but not sure if I can on your blog.

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