#atozchallenge Q is for…


Hello friends. (smile) Welcome to Day 20 of the A to Z Challenge. Way off schedule today with no quote, scripture or acrostic. (shock face) No worries, my friends, all is well in my world. (wink)

Quality can cover a multitude of things.

Quality of life came to mind and how God provides and sustains. I love my faith and trust in him. I love my strength in him.

I’ve walked, crawled, baby stepped my way through stuff and Y moments until I let go and remembered that I’mf r e e in Christ. (smile)

Praise The Lord.

My thoughts on quality center around the faithfulness of God providing his best. He does not half step with blessings, nor does he lead us to settle for less than his best. Timing and patience are working as he prepares us for his best.

He provides above what we could ever imagine.
The upside of quality:

When it comes from the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, quality is second to none.

Abundant blessings to keep the faith and sleep well tonight.

I welcome your thoughts. (smile)

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