Blog of The Year Award 2013

Glory to God! afriendofjesus2013blog has been nominated by alygeorges for a Blog of the Year Award .

Aly, I am humbled by the nomination. Thank you. Aly is a free spirit, unbounded by any rules. She believes in respecting everyone. She blogs to share life experiences to motivate us and help us understand that thereā€™s so much to life than just resigning ourself to misery.
Please visit Aly’s amazing blog, alygeorges.

I also give a warm and heartfelt thank you and God bless to each of my following friends and fellow bloggers. Especially those who take the time to stop by, comment, reblog and retweet the words poured into this vessel! I share this blessing with each of you! I am truly blessed by your support! šŸ˜€ {{hugs}}


To accept my nomination, I need to nominate a few blogs. From my point of view, everyone is deserving of a blogging award! Blogging is almost a full time job.

Congratulations to my list of nominees for the Blog of Year Award 2013:

Don Charisma: Don Charisma blog has something for everyone. Beautiful pictures he has taken; topics from financial, future, Internet, spiritual, teaching and He is a business man for hire to work on web designs.

Ajaytao 2010: Ajay’s blog is filled with beautiful things from his heart that he shares with the world.

alygeorges: Aly, this nomination blesses you with another star! Wahoo!

HalfEatenMind: Vijay has a very nice blog that displays his journalistic talent and his unique take on life, news, almost anything and he always displays his nice sense of humor.

Prophetic Voice: Shades’ blog loves sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with a hurting and broken world. Her blog offers The Word and encouragement.

whisperingleavesblog: This blog has a dedicated spiritual Christian listening to the Holy Spirit and her delight in the sweetness of The Lord always.

Good Times Stories: Coach Muller enjoys collecting and writing inspiring, heartfelt stories to share with others. He feels that there is nothing better in the world than doing things to bring a smile to someone. His awesome tribute to Thanksgiving was beautiful!

The Christian Gazette : Awesome blog about spreading and sharing the Word and making disciples throughout the world. Truly an inspiring blog.

Across the Bored: This blog has presumptions and postulations with a twist. She has something for everyone. The Two-Cents Tuesday challenges are great!

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Congratulations to all the nominees! Best of luck to every one!