Life is beautiful because it is a controlled yet chaotic dance of ups and downs where we are blessed with the ability to sense those pains and pleasures equally.
~ Suman Rai ~

Hello friends. (smile) Blessings, in life, can come in so many forms. Give. Sow. What we give out comes back to us. It’s reaping and sowing with a twist. (smile)

Everyday, there are opportunities to give, our time, a kind word, encouragement, love, a hug, a specific prayer, a smile or fill in the blank____________________, to those around us.

It’s the little things that truly show others that we care and they are not alone. Give brings balance.

We all bring something to the table. God blessed me with the gift of encouragement. Thank you Lord! It’s what I do. (wink)

God gets the glory every time He pours words of encouragement into my heart to share with someone.

Do you know your gift?

I can honestly tell you, I did not know my gift was encouragement until I started blogging! (shock face)

As God walks us through things and stuff and challenging moments with X, Y or Z, He is expanding and perfecting our gift within us. Pfft, as we grow, the gift becomes a natural part of who we are. (smile)

Everywhere, we go, are opportunities to give something to others. Smiling, is one of the most beautiful things we can give to others. (smile)

Times are tough and to give, of ourself, can be a blessings that shows someone God loves them! (smile)

Blessings, my friends, as we give to someone today. (smile)