Roll With It Thursday

Hello my friends 😄 I hope you’re having a great week. Life can throw distractions on top of working through our things and stuff. 😨

My distraction has been the Dentist this week and I’m not even done! 😰 I get overwhelmed by dental appointments so I am learning to roll with it! 😜 What overwhelms you?

Tomorrow, I’m scheduled for 3 root canals, please keep me lifted up in prayer. My anxiety level started building about an hour ago! 😁 I am meditating on various scriptures and decided to get a little help from my friends. 😀

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.
– Author Unknown-

Roll with it to recognize that sometimes we just need to let someone know to pray for us as we deal with distractions and challenges.

By faith, I thank you, my dear friends, for your prayers as I walk through my dental distraction! 😜

God bless you big as you roll with it Thursday!