What We Got Here Is…Part 2

Failure to communicate. (smile) Starting today, let the grace of God give us the courage to communicate in our own style. Let’s rip the bandages off and just be real! (smile)



Spoiler alert, it is not my intention to judge anybody, ever, that’s Gods job! (shock face) I sow, He waters. (smile) It’s a beautiful thing when God opens your heart to your purpose! (smile)

We all bring something to the table! (smile) Friends, we have got to let go of fear! Fear keeps us stuck!

Pray and have faith! Life is to be enjoyed, in spite of our stuff. God will put people in our path to help us grow. As we open up and share who we really are, people get to know us and the awesome God we serve! Ain’t life grand! (wink and a smile)

God bless us as we move forward sharing our own communication style and let Your will be done.

What We Got Here Is…

Hello, friends! We’re blessed to see the end of another week! Thank God! (smile)

Remember the movie Cool Hand Luke and the quote–“What we got here…is failure to communicate.” (smile) So let’s communicate! (smile)

Our message today is having the courage to communicate in our own way. After all, God make us different. We all bring something to the table! We should welcome and encourage each others communication styles. (nervous smile)

God can use anything or anyone for his purpose. Remember Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose”.

We love The Lord! We each communicate our love for him in our own way. God is light and God is love. There is no darkness in him. Everyday, the way we communicate through our actions and speech, shows the fruit within us and how rooted and grounded we are in Christ.

Saved or unsaved, people watch us, to see how we handle situations, and how we talk to people, and our attitudes when circumstances are beyond our control. The choices we make in our communication style either draws people or repels them. Remember positive attracts positive. (smile)

When we know who we are and know our self worth in Christ, we display and communicate confidence that no one can shake! Praise the Lord. Love and need. Everybody wants to be loved and needed. When we love ourselves then we can love others. When we disclose our needs then our needs can be met.

When we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us then when we can count it all joy and walk through trials and tribulations (sometimes painfully) by faith because God provides for us daily. Thank you Lord!

How we communicate our lifestyle shows the level of our Christian walk and the likeness of Jesus to those looking at us looking at them. (smile)

Praise God, when we can communicate the free gift of salvation.
Praise God, when we can communicate he loves us unconditionally.
Praise God, when we can communicate we’re blessed and highly favored.
Praise God, when we can communicate in sharing the gospel.
Praise God, when we can communicate his protection and provision.
Praise God, when we can communicate enjoying a spirit led life.
Praise God, when we can communicate kindness and encouragement through difficult times.

It’s a beautiful thing to communicate in our own way. (smile) God did not create us to be robots and dead bones walking. (shock face)

Let us make time for fun. Let us make time to smile and laugh out loud. Let us make time to sing a sing. These things help us renew the mind and does a body good! (smile)

When our light shines, our communication is more open and honest, and people will be drawn to inquire about the God we serve! Now thats communication (cheesy smile)

Be blessed and continue to move forward communicating in your own unique way! (smile)