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A Relationship with God

Whether single or married, male or female, young or old, having a personal relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, is one of the most exciting and liberating relationships, we can have that will enhance all of our other relationships.

As mentioned in earlier posts, the deeper we know His Word, the more He reveals himself to us through his Word. When the Holy Spirit merges with our spirit, we start changing for the better. As our relationship deepens, we begin speaking to and walking through any challenge by faith because Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”


When family and friends are too busy, He is there just waiting for us to invite him into a conversation–just tell him whatever is on your mind.

When you start an intimate and personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus, the level of our faith gets tested; because it is hard to be in a relationship with someone we can’t see until it grows and mature. We can talk and share anything. I will admit, when I first started talking about my relationship with The Lord, I believe many of the people who knew me thought I was nuts or crazy. To walk with Jesus, and to please God, we must have faith! No doubts. No what ifs. No worries.

As we surrender to the changes made within and confess that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, we become so rooted and ground in love that there is no fear, no selfishness, no anger, no pride, just unconditional love. It gives us the ability to careless what anyone thinks or says about us. It gives us the ability to live and enjoy life as God intended.

We become open to forgiveness, we turn negatives into positives. The Holy Spirit leads us to love like Jesus loves; forgive like Jesus forgives. When we stumble, we thank God for his mercy and grace and keep moving forward.

There will always be trials and tribulations, good times and bad times. Regardless, we never walk through it alone.


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  Planting Potatoes wrote @

amen to such inspiration! Isn’t it great to learn that the less we care about the world……the less it has any power over us, amazing how simple that is..yet I spent half a century before really learning it! 🙂


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Glory to God!! Thank you for visiting and commenting 😄 you are always welcome, we’ll leave the lights on for you 😄 God bless you!!


  @cpstaggs wrote @

What a great post, Ann. Keep inspiring others!


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Glory to God! Thank you and God bless you 😄


  k at Healthy Living 4 Him wrote @

Amen…relationship with Christ is everything!! He is just waiting for our time of fellowship each day!! PTL!!! Keep serving Him well Dear Friend!! 🙂


  Ann “afriend4ever54” Friend wrote @

Glory to God! Thank you and I shall 🙂 God bless you!! 🙂


  beegee10 wrote @

Inspired thoughts here! Isn’t it amazing how much time we tend to spend cultivating relationships with people, many of who just kinda pass through our life. And yet, we have a Father who created us for Him and so many have such a difficult time carving out time each day.
As you said, the deeper the relationship – the more accurate our Compass is!

Thank you for your visit to my Journey and I’m blessed to have found yours 🙂


  afriendforever54 wrote @

Glory to God! Thank you so much for your kind words! When our relationship with our Lord and Savior is right, it just flows into every relationship we have. It’s about adapting and loving until those around us are ready. I went around the same mountain until I surrendered! Ain’t life grand. 😜 God bless you!!


  maryhallrayford wrote @

You are so right–we do have similar writing styles! Could it be because we are led by the same Spirit since we have the same relationship? 🙂 Have a wonderfully Blessed day!


  afriendforever54 wrote @

Glory to God!! Thanks so much! God bless you 😀 looking forward to God’s plan for us 😉


  afriendforever54 wrote @

Thanks so much for your comments 🙂 God bless you!


  reocochran wrote @

I liked this before but I came back to it to comment. I like the way you say, being “open to forgiveness, we turn negatives into positives.” We all stumble and fall, we learn how to thank him for His mercy and Grace. I like the added “keep moving forward.” I tend to blog to open all to my posts and if they study me, my thoughts and learn about me, they will see I am a Christian. But I am also aware that Jesus is not world wide so you may wonder why I concentrate on God or other Higher Beings. I don’t want to exclude anyone, if they would ask I may tell them the deeper parts of my beliefs.


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