Bible Verses for Tough Times

Challenges. Change. Growth. Things and stuff. No matter what we label it–this happens, to each of us. Regardless. Life is a constant process of change and growth to produce more fruit in our lives (love (giving), joy (gladness), peace (free from worry and fear), long suffering (patience), gentleness (kindness), goodness (generosity), faith (dependability), meekness (gentleness) and temperance (self-control)). šŸ˜°

The goal is to walk through without complaining. Just so you know, I am in my double digits retest! šŸ˜ I got to sing the šŸŽ¶šŸŽ¶going around the mountain one more time.šŸŽ¶šŸŽ¶ šŸ˜œ I realized after singing yesterday that negativity breeds complaining. šŸ˜°


We must keep the faith! God is always in charge. Whatever season we are walking through, things and stuff is temporary! There is always a scripture, to speak to things and stuff, to help us grow spiritually. šŸ˜

This too shall pass, just not today. Of all the spiritual fruit, long-suffering and self control gets tested the most. Think of it as a wilderness experience without luxuries. The key–not to beat ourself up when we stumble. Sometimes, it is, what it is! šŸ˜œ Roll with it and let it go!

None of it changes this truth–God is always with us. We have his mercy and grace. He loves us unconditionally. Praise The Lord!

God bless us, by faith, as we walk through our season, meditating on Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Let thy will be done.