Repeat After Me, I Am…

Repeat after me, I am a masterpiece.  The power of words that we speak about ourself, by faith, will build confidence, as we renew our mind, by continuing to replace negative thoughts will keep us moving forward.  😜

Remember, it’s a process. As we move forward, we must find balance. We must be able to smile or laugh at ourself during those times when things or stuff pop up. 😁 There will be times frustration creeps in, refuse to entertain the negativity. Refuse to give up! Faith, keep the faith!

Celebrate the small victories and praise The Lord for his mercy and his grace and keep moving forward! 😄

God bless us, by faith, as we choose to speak positive and uplifting words to ourselves, as our mind is renewed and we continue to grow in Christ. Let thy will be done.

Comments and thoughts are welcome. 😄