Things About Me

Things about me. I love reading, music and playing games on my IPHONE. (smile) God blessed me with the gift of encouragement, ways to sow His Word, a sense of humor and a beautiful smile. (cheesy smile)

I’m an introvert by preference. (shock face) I’ve learned to adapt and adjust in situations and through the storms of life, it’s how “roll with it” and “let it go” became sound bites for me. The joy of The Lord is my strength. (smile)

Like many others out there, I’ve had a difficult season to walk through. I was never alone. I love how my Lord and Saviour protects and takes care of me. (smile) I pray a lot. I pray for each of you. (smile)

I thank God for the courage to write and be different. There will always be someone who needs a kind word or courage to be their self.

I am grateful for the awesome people I’ve met through blogging. I am humbled by your words of encouragement back to me. (smile) God bless you!

I love blogging and writing, for the different writing forums, because it’s a way to sow encouragement and hope to someone who may or may not know they are not alone or the next step. I am a humble and nice person who tries to visit and support many different bloggers. (smile)

I blog from my own personal experiences in hope that someone finds comfort and gets to know God, through His Son, Jesus, like I know Him. (smile)

I sow and God waters. I’m an open vessel about my Father’s business. ( smile) I hope this gives you more insight into Ann Friend.

Be blessed! (smile) As always, your thoughts are welcome.

What We Got Here Is…Part 2

Failure to communicate. (smile) Starting today, let the grace of God give us the courage to communicate in our own style. Let’s rip the bandages off and just be real! (smile)



Spoiler alert, it is not my intention to judge anybody, ever, that’s Gods job! (shock face) I sow, He waters. (smile) It’s a beautiful thing when God opens your heart to your purpose! (smile)

We all bring something to the table! (smile) Friends, we have got to let go of fear! Fear keeps us stuck!

Pray and have faith! Life is to be enjoyed, in spite of our stuff. God will put people in our path to help us grow. As we open up and share who we really are, people get to know us and the awesome God we serve! Ain’t life grand! (wink and a smile)

God bless us as we move forward sharing our own communication style and let Your will be done.