What We Got Here Is…Part 2

Failure to communicate. (smile) Starting today, let the grace of God give us the courage to communicate in our own style. Let’s rip the bandages off and just be real! (smile)



Spoiler alert, it is not my intention to judge anybody, ever, that’s Gods job! (shock face) I sow, He waters. (smile) It’s a beautiful thing when God opens your heart to your purpose! (smile)

We all bring something to the table! (smile) Friends, we have got to let go of fear! Fear keeps us stuck!

Pray and have faith! Life is to be enjoyed, in spite of our stuff. God will put people in our path to help us grow. As we open up and share who we really are, people get to know us and the awesome God we serve! Ain’t life grand! (wink and a smile)

God bless us as we move forward sharing our own communication style and let Your will be done.