We’re going to learn today that when we are grateful for the little things, it’s easier to accept that stuff will happen in life. Some stuff will help us grow. šŸ˜œ



Each day that the good Lord wakes us up is a blessing! šŸ˜œ Good or bad, right or wrong, we make our own choices. There are times in life, we have to take responsibility for our actions.

Life is to be enjoyed, regardless of what other people are doing. Everyday, we have opportunities to sow love or a smile that could give a different perspective to someone.

Here’s the thing, whether we are saved or unsaved, life still happens! šŸ˜Ø Gratitude allows us to know that regardless of what is going on, God is still in charge! šŸ˜€

Gratitude is thanking God for all good things and praying for a better tomorrow. Smile, it looks good on you!

Roll With It Wednesday

Wahoo! It’s roll with it Wednesday! šŸ˜œ Smile! God is in charge! Roll with it!


As we grow, change, adapt, we need at least one day to just smile, have fun, enjoy life, sing that song, be positive! šŸ˜œ Roll with it and God bless you!

Any questions? šŸ˜œ

Oh, The Possibilities To Keep Moving Forward

Let us choose any or all of the possibilities to walk through this day by faith šŸ˜œ


Oh, the possibilities of choosing šŸ˜œ


Stuff happens. Plans change. We grow distant. The world seems cluttered and out of control. She said this, he say that. Someone does not like us. Someone else is holding a grudge. Life has challenges, no matter what we do.


Keep moving forward because God is in charge šŸ™‚