It’s Official! Wednesday Will Be….

It’s official, Wednesday will be our roll with it—here at! šŸ˜œ


Roll with it, is encouragement by faith, to be who we are in Christ! Shining and loving in spite of stuff around us!

Roll with it, because God loves us unconditionally! šŸ˜œ

Roll with it, because we can smile and praise God regardless of something or someone! šŸ˜œ

Roll with it, because if God is for us, who can be against us!

Most of us have a favorite song. The one that speaks to our spirit, makes us wanna dance šŸ˜œ

Come on, we are among friends here šŸ˜œ Some of us need our song to roll with it too!

Roll with it, keeps us balanced and gives us another way to adapt!

To be continued next Wednesday, if The Lord says the same!

God, we thank you for blessing us with ways to enjoy life as we change and keep moving forward and roll with it! šŸ˜œ