Rise Above It (Part 2)

Continuing from yesterday’s technical difficulty….
We know that God can use anything and anyone to bring about our change and His will. I struggled a few times on roll with it Wednesday. šŸ˜Ø I had a retest and failed! šŸ˜œ Stuff happens. šŸ˜Ø


Somewhere between obstacles and challenges, I did not stop to breath. My tongue and lack of patience had a 5 minute rant! And it was hot, the air was thick. I got so worked up, I could not hear the Holy Spirit nor feel him. I share all this because no matter how deep in The Lord we are, as long as we are on this earth, we will continue to grow in grace and sometimes stumble.

I praised and thanked God because it was not about the failure! It was about accepting the failure and not beating myself up about it! Rising above the self condemnation and negativity. Ever berate yourself with “why did I this” or “why did I that”? Sometimes, we just have to walk through the thing and rise above it! šŸ˜€ After all is said and done, the people around understand that anyone can have a bad day! šŸ˜œ

When we realize nothing really changes when we fail or stumble, it free us to relax and just live! šŸ˜œ Life still goes on, and God still loves us. I did repent. šŸ˜œ The quicker we realize that trials and tribulations help us grow, and sometimes the ups and downs of life gets to us, the easier it is to grow and rise above it. šŸ˜œ

Thank you, Heavenly Father for blessing us with your mercy and your grace. Thank you for blessing us with no condemnation when we stumble! šŸ˜€

Rise Above It

There are times, we will stumble! We are a work in progress. šŸ˜œ As long, as we are on this earth, God will continue pruning and plucking anything not producing fruit within us. šŸ˜° Sometimes, we are retested in areas where we already had the victory! šŸ˜°


Somedays can be tough! Something or someone, hunger, lack of sleep, anything or everything, just keeps coming. We blink. Our flesh man rises. Boom! Repent and rise above it! Thank God for his mercy and his grace!

I had a rough roll with it Wednesday! šŸ˜Ø Stuff just kept coming. I blinked. We know that God can use anything and anyone

To be continued…..

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